9000 YEARS

Hemp is the most universally useful plant that humans have at their disposal. The beginnings of cannabis use date back to around 5000 – 7000 years BC. Remains of grain hulls have been found in neolithic burial sites in Central Europe, indicating that they were used in funeral rituals and shamanic ceremonies. It is also possible that at that time the differences between the various strains were not as distinct as they are today.

During World War I and II, hemp was widely grown, which provided the world with an excellent and most durable source of fiber. As it is an annual plant with a development cycle of 120 days, it can be harvested several times a year depending on local weather conditions. It also has significant biomass, which means it absorbs large amounts of CO2 greenhouse gas.





It is resistant to worms and needs only a little agro-chemical commitment; is extremely undemanding – it can be bred in very poor conditions and in sterile soil, whose structure it can even improve over the years. For many centuries, hemp was one of the most important industrial crops that provided fiber for ropes and strong, durable weave, without which the age of discovery would never have begun.

Industrial hemp could change the world economy in a positive and beneficial way – for this reason all of its potential should be used. Kanaba Fest’s aim is to restore its rightful place in the human ecosystem.




Poland has the strictest cannabis laws in the European Union. According to the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, possession, cultivation, trade and granting even the smallest quantities of marijuana are threatened with long-term sentences of imprisonment (0-15 years). Therefore, there are a few rules to keep in mind so that you don’t have to face our justice system.


Dried CBD – cannabis flowers containing a high content of cannabidiol – CBD. The amount of THC – the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive activities – is negligible (below 0.2% of dry mass). This means that the possession of this type of dried fruit is theoretically legal in our country. However, in practice, a person detained with dried CBD is subject to normal criminal procedure, during which explanations must be submitted during the interrogation, and the Police must examine the detained product with a narcotic test and send it for analysis. If the results of the analysis confirm the THC content below 0.2%, the case is most often discontinued and the product is returned. We recommend anyone who carries CBD with them to have a laboratory test analysis showing THC content below 0.2% and purchase receipt.


Cannabis sativa cultivation in Poland is tightened up with certain regulations. It is not legal to buy cannabis seeds and plant them in your garden. To grow hemp, you must submit an appropriate application and obtain permission from the commune office. If such consent is obtained, cannabis can be grown in the place indicated in the application, however, if during the plant inspection THC indicators exceed the value of 0.2%, it may result in criminal charges being brought against the farmer. Then such a person is threatened with a sentence of up to 8 years imprisonment, in practice, however, most often the cases are discontinued, but the farmer must take into account that he will lose the possibility of obtaining a crop. Such events still occur in Poland, but they are becoming rarer.


If we offer dried CBD hemp or hemp flowers to our clients, we cannot sell them as product for inhalation or other form of consumption. If we offer the customer cannabis seeds not registered in the EU Variety List, we cannot sell them for cultivation. The only possible sale is as a collector’s item. The seller cannot provide any information on how to grow marijuana. Nor can he offer seeds with equipment that is used to grow plants, or with literature that instructs on how to grow plants.

The event is aimed at making sales / purchase of hemp goods, therefore remember about precautions. Respect Polish law at all times.