Cannabis is consumed by 290 million people worldwide. Our global spending on cannabis is predicted to reach $32B by 2022. It is a medicine for pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, food disorders, skin problems, seizures. It balances our body and can boost your immune system. But not only. There are over 50 000 products you can make from cannabis plant including nutritious food, beer, clothing, biofuel or plastic to name only a few – so why not turn towards plant based, ecologic, biodegradable, high quality and durable products. Why not learn how to cultivate it.


We expect over 10 000 like-minded people to attend our event. You are going to meet casual smokers, patients, farmers and plantators, business owners, influencers, product creators, people of different ages and professions. Come and ask questions, try cosmetics, healthy food, handmade pipes, smell CBD buds.


We invite experts from different fields to create a full picture of cannabis sativa. During lectures and panels, we would like to share knowledge and exchange experience related to all fields where the plant can bring us advantage. Follow our fanpage for information about speakers you will hear in our Education Zone.

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We will entertain you with live music from local DJs, who will play a variety of genres from funk, soul, rap to electronic music.


Plenum, Doki 1/90b, 1st floor (entrance from Elektrykow Street), Gdańsk, 80-863


Saturday 11 am – 7 pm

Sunday 11 am – 6 pm


How much is the ticket?

Starting from fifth edition, the admission costs are: 10 PLN (2 EUR) per participant for 1 day and 15 PLN (3 EUR) for 2 days. 

Do I have to show ID at the entrance?

No. However, if you are a minor you should come with your guardian. It does not have to be a parent, all siblings or friends are sufficient. Otherwise you may be asked to leave the fair area.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yes, as long as she/he is not aggressive. Remember to put your dog on a muzzle and keep it on a leash. Make sure your pet doesn’t surprise us – take her/him for a longer walk before the fair.

Can I get the ticket at the door?

Sure, you can get the ticket at the Main Reception, right at the entrance on first floor. Tickets will be available both on Saturday and Sunday.
You can pay for your ticket both with cash and card.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking in exhibition rooms is strictly prohibited. We will, however, provide you with special areas where you can have a little puff.