Organizer or Kanaba Fest – Kanaba Fair Magdalena Buczak, Ożarowska 77/17, 01-444 Warsaw, Tax Identification Number: 5222828788, National Business Registry Number: 368423362

kanabafest.com, kanabafest.pl, kanabafair.com – organizer’s website

Form – reservation form available at http://bit.ly/KFestformENG and http://bit.ly/KFestformPL

Fair, Kanaba Fest – event taking place under regulations specified in this document and on the website

Regulations – a document that is also a general terms of contract
Contract – concluded between Kanaba Fest and the exhibitor/sponsor by placing an order in the application form

Exhibitor’s guide – a document sent to exhibitors before the fair with information about the event (assembly, disassembly, the duration of the event, additional attractions)

Exhibitor or participant – an entity with full legal capacity who can or takes part in the expo.

1. The participant or exhibitor is an entity who made payment for the exhibition space and filled „Application Form” available on the organizer’s website.

2. Only one brand may exhibit at one stand (4m2) . An exhibition stand cannot be shared by brands. If more than one brand bought one stand, the exhibitor is obliged to report it to the Organizer. Without relevant information, the Organizer may exclude the exhibitor from the fair.

3. By submitting the Application Form, the Exhibitor agrees that the Organizer may use the data provided for purpose related to the organization and promotion of the event and the brand.

4. Payment for the stand is based on the invoice issued on the account specified on the document.

5. The Exhibitor can use the form to report the demand for stand equipment. The organizer mediates in renting furniture from an external company and does not participate in disputes that may arise from this title.

6. Resignation. In case of resignation from participation in the event within 30 days before the event or less, the organizer collects full payment for the stand and rental furniture. The resignation must be provided to the Organizer by mail or email to be valid.

7. The exhibitor takes full responsibility for the safety of the stand and their goods. The organizer is not responsible for theft or damage made to the property belonging to the Exhibitor.

8. Participants prepare the stand design, assembly, disassembly, all transports, promotional materials, tables, chairs, staff working as well as cleaning and securing the stands and restoration of the surface on which the stand was exposed to the original condition at their own expense.

9. The organizer sets the time of access to the exhibition space for the preparation of the stand and exhibition in the exhibitor’s guide. Stand assembly can not take place during the opening hours of the Fair for the visitors.

10. The exhibitor is obliged to ensure the availability of the stand and the presence of staff working at the stand during the event. In case of delay in the assembly of the stand or lack of personnel, the Organizer has the right to exclude the Exhibitor from the Fair without return of the fee for the stand.

11. In the event of damage of the property belonging to the owners of the venue caused by the Exhibitor or persons accompanying the Exhibitor, they will be required to cover the costs of the reparation of the damage.

12. The Organizer is not responsible for a damage resulting from the use of the stand, including a damage caused by the Exhibitor to other participants of the Fair. In the case of claims by third persons, the Exhibitor undertakes to cover the Organizer’s losses.

13. The exhibitor may not block communication routes and emergency exits, place lighting and other devices producing heat directly on the floor and in the vicinity of flammable materials, independently connect electrical power and route cables through communication routes. The connection of electricity can be made only by a person authorized by the Organizer.

14. Disassembly of the stand can not be started before the closure of the event indicated in the exhibitor’s guide. The organizer reserves the right not to allow exhibitor who does not obey this rule to the next event.

15. The Exhibitor equips the staff working at the food stand with all the necessary permits regarding current sanitary and epidemiological regulations.

16. The assurance of the cash register during the fair is on Exhibitor.

17. Exhibitor takes responsibility for the content of any materials, designs or products presented and sold on their stand. Exhibitors can present and sell products that are legal on the territory of Poland. During the event, it is forbidden to conduct commercial activities, including promotional and informational, regarding psychoactive substances, changing consciousness, so-called „smart drugs”, products causing or likely to cause activity similar to psychoactive or intoxicating substances, colloquially called „legal highs” (including collectors’ items with a similar effect), even if these products have the indication that they are not intended for consumption.

18. The noise level at the stand can not affect comfort od other exhibitors and people on stage.

19. The Exhibitor declares that in case of collecting personal data and conducting prize draws, they have appropriate consents.

20. The organizer has the right to allocate stands without taking suggestions of the exhibitor.

21. The organizer may refuse participation in Kanaba Fest also after making the payment, without giving a reason. The Organizer will refund the amount paid by the Exhibitor. This amount is not refundable if the Exhibitor’s exclusion occurs as a result of violation of these Regulations, good manners or rules of fair competition.

22. The Organizer will actively promote the Fair in the media and social media.

23. In order to ensure the largest possible reach to a wide audience, Exhibitors are required to provide information about the Kanaba Fest (event) on their corporate profiles on facebook.

24. The Exhibitor confirm that they acknowledged that none of the Organizer’s statements and actions are a guarantee of benefits that may arise from the Exhibitor’s participation in the Fair.

25. The organizer has the right to make photographic and film documentation during the Fair and to use these materials for marketing purposes.

26. In the case of random situations, the organizer has the right to change or cancel planned workshops or lectures with the participation of Exhibitor.

27. During the Fair, exhibitors are required to comply with the health and safety rules and the Regulations of the Facility.

28. The Organizer reserves the right to change the place or the date of the Fair in case of circumstances beyond their control, after informing the Exhibitor of this fact. In this case, the rental fee for the stand is not refundable.

29. The Organizer is not liable, in particular for damages, in case of cancellation of the Fair due to reasons independent from the Organizer.

30. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply. Any additional and individual agreements between the Exhibitor and the Organizer require a written form