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Exhibition of hemp-themed paintings by Milena Wiśniewska

Milena Wiśniewska is an artist and painter who creates art as a way of expressing what is inside her. For her, painting has a spiritual dimension, and is a form of meditation and therapy. In her paintings, she includes qualities such as love, freedom, joy, protection, peace, harmony, a sense of connection, and well-being. These qualities ultimately become a part of the interiors of her viewers, complementing their decor. She creates art using symbols that can be recognized through intuition, emotions, and the subconscious mind. She specializes in depicting her spiritual connection to the Holy Plant of hemp in her paintings, and she also creates paintings entirely made of hemp canvas! You can see her art on Instagram and on her website

Exhibition of paintings on the theme of hemp by Baba KOBA Jaga – Ines Ligatur

This exhibition presents a series of paintings called “Smoking is for adults.” These paintings were created over several years using typical techniques employed by the artist, such as acrylic painting, UV painting, and gilding. Each painting has a different story, but they all have one thing in common: they depict adults who smoke. These people include activists, businesspeople, celebrities, and private individuals. They are all mature because smoking is for adults. “In my opinion, the legalization of marijuana, and as a result, its regulated sale, would better protect children and young people from accessing it than the current law does. At the same time, I consider it absurd and ridiculous to prosecute mature users,” says the artist about her exhibition;

Exhibition of drawings and hand-woven decorations by Marta Lahmann (Hemp Art)

Marta Lachman is a weaving gardener, as she calls herself, because her art is very earthy. She tries to awaken sensitivity to the needs of our Mother Earth, to show her spiritual power and humans as an inseparable part of her. She opens up to the consciousness and knowledge our ancestors had. She wants to return to our roots, to the old culture. Currently, in her studio, she mainly uses plant fibers that she dyes with plants. The base is made of hemp ropes and cords, and she wants to dispel the bad reputation of hemp and show its magic. She also creates drawings full of passion and herbs. Her approach to art is more shamanic, reaching back to the roots. You can find her on social media:

Exhibition of Street Art paintings by Polish Pipe

Polish Pipe is a Warsaw-based artist whose works are characterized by the use of a smoking pipe motif, fetishing the consumption of soft drugs. The artist creates street drawings mainly on empty billboards and found objects in the trash, bringing them back to life through symbolic markings.