Join us at a fair where you will get to discover a wide spectrum of hemp-based products. Expect to find healthy food products such as oils, pasta, and flour made from hemp seeds, smoking and vaporizing accessories, as well as cannabinoid oils that help with relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being. Meet the manufacturers of grow boxes, lamps, and fertilizers for plants, as well as clothing, backpacks, shoes, and bags made from hemp. Explore paper, fuel, and animal products, all made from hemp. Kanaba Fest is a showcase of thousands of legal uses of hemp, all in one place.


During Kanaba Fest you will experience the whole spectrum of attractions accompanying the fair. You can spend time in dedicated zones where you will gain valuable knowledge, learn something new, test previously unknown products, listen to music, relax or talk to a doctor. Find out what awaits you during the upcoming edition.


Do you sometimes wonder if we really know the full potential of Cannabis Sativa L? What are its possibilities? What does it change in the context of the individual and societies? What is its future? In the Education Zone we try to show this versatile plant from the point of view of the experience of experts from many sectors. This year, as every year, the knowledge zone is free. For two days you will have the opportunity to attend lectures, panels and workshops, talk to representatives of organizations and activists, and meet like-minded people from all over Poland at no additional cost.


Take part or vote in the Kanaba Cup – a public opinion poll that aims to select and promote products with the highest production standards which meet the high expectations of recipients. For the first time in Poland, we will award Kanaba Fest awards to honor valuable people in the industry and committed producers of quality products.


In the workshop zone, interested persons will be able to see the production of hemp bricks and hemp paper live. They can also learn how to produce cosmetics from hemp using cottage industry methods. Connoisseurs will also find something for their palate at the culinary workshops based on hemp oil, as well as dispel any doubts about the study of cannabinoids and other substances in hemp-derived products. We’ll show as well as teach how to properly roll joints and operate vaporizators. Parents, on the other hand, will be able to allow their little ones to play in the Kids Zone.


This is a very important part of the cannabis industry, which has an impact on how the community we are building is perceived. Part of our mission is to create and promote the culture of our industry. During Kanaba Fest we will display an art exhibition of cannabis thematic paintings and large format photos of flowers and various varieties of hemp. We invite you to the Kanaba Fest stand, where authors Bogdan Jot and Professor Dorota Rogowska-Szadkowska will be signing their books about cannabis. We will also showcase an exhibition of drawings, and sculptures, as well as display hemp fabrics.

If you are an artist and want to showcase your cannabis-inspired work at the festival, please contact us at: info@kanabafest.com.


As you know, the cannabinoids contained in cannabis, due to their medical properties, are widely used in medicine. For this reason, we decided to create a Med Zone especially for patients who visit our fair in large numbers. In this space, thanks to invited specialists, the patient will be able to learn how to deal with the symptoms of chronic diseases in a safe and effective way.


How to use hemp for body care? More and more brands are choosing to add hemp extract to their products due to its skin-enhancing properties. In our Beauty Zone learn how hemp balms, oils, creams and hair products work and talk to specialists to choose the best products for you.


While cruising the numerous stands, you might want to take a break and rest for a while. Our Chill Zone will allow you to slow down, enjoy the atmosphere and rejuvenate. Grab a delicious meal or have a cocktail and re-energize. Kick back and enjoy the vibe before you throw yourself back into the whirlwind of the fair. In the Chill Zone you can reconnect with friends or maybe meet new ones. It’s a place to share ideas, stimulate your creativity and get inspired … chill out!


This is a dedicated space for exhibitors, press, guests and friends of Kanaba and people of merit in the cannabis community. In comfortable and peaceful surroundings they can talk and exchange their insights about the industry. This is our integration and networking zone. You can also join them there.