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Kanaba Fest 2023 is coming!

Green May Weekend

Don’t look out the window now: at the grey February, snow and people in jackets. Let’s move our thoughts in time and space.

Imagine it’s May, it’s warm and green, you are in Katowice. In the rays of the sun, you head to the International Congress Center. Sounds serious, but it’s a place that has stolen our hearts, so we hope it will steal yours too. It is located in the heart of the Culture Zone, in the vicinity of the iconic Spodek.

You walk in and notice the location is overgrown with hemp. It’s because that’s where the largest cannabis fair in the country will take place on May 6-7!

If you’ve been to Kanaba Fest before, you might think you know what to expect. But multiply that experience by two. Because we have increased the area of ​​our hemp fair for you.

The MCK is huge, although we hope that we will fill the hall and collect 15,000 guests.

Kanaba Fest 2023 – what to expect?

First of all, the exhibitors from all over Poland and beyond create the vibe of our event. Many exhibitors and lots of different products. If you are looking for something for yourself, your loved ones, you are the MM patient, you are new to cannabis – doesn’t matter, you will find something for yourself in the multitude of enthusiasts who create companies exhibiting on Kanaba Fest for sure.

But it is not everything. Because Kanaba is also an opportunity to talk to experts, educators, activists, whom you will be able to catch not only in the hall, but also in the free Educational Zone, where we will discuss important and current topics from the world of hemp.

That’s still not all! Because you will be able to choose with us The Best Stand, The Best Brand, The Best CBD/CBG Flowers and The Personality of The Year during our Kanaba Cup competition. If you come with the whole family, including children, you have to know that we are setting up the Kids Zone with lots of fun. There will also be workshops and attractions(how to make hemp brick, hemp paper, how hemp affects beauty, what is it eaten with). There will also be a special zone for patients, where we will look at hemp from a medical point of view, and a Beauty Zone.

In addition (yes, it’s not the end) Chill Zone and of course the After Party. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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Canna – meet our Main Sponsor

Plants have no secrets for them

Ficus likes warmth, not every monstera has holes. Tomato can grow quite well on the balcony. And what is your favourite plant?

Plants, like all living organisms, deserve their little pleasures. Few things are as satisfying, beautiful, and give as much in return as they are.

That is why we cannot imagine Kanaba Fest without people who know the best about growing plants and their care.

They’ve been doing it since 1997, that’s something. Their products are available throughout Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. You will find them in the offer of over 95% of grow shops.

These numbers do the job, but they – modest and talented – prefer to let their passion speak.

Canna, because we are talking here about them, is a company from the Netherlands, with representatives and distributors among others, also in Poland. Their products are balanced series for growing plants, appropriately selected for those growing in soil, coconut or hydroponics.

But Canna is not only a company and its products. They are also people for whom knowledge is extremely important. For this reason, they work on a new product for an average of two years, and their websites and stands are full of advice for breeders. They are enthusiasts, appreciated all over the world, willingly sharing news about cultivation.

That is why we are proud that Canna has been our partner for years. And this year will be no different – we will again make sure that our fair and your plants grow as best as possible!

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Date and place reveal!